How To Be Unapologetically You

To kick off the month of May I thought it would be fitting to dedicate this month to talk about being the best you in both life and business.

As I sit and reflect back on the month prior I can’t help but think of how fortunate I was to have seen the legendary Prince in concert before his untimely death. Seeing him on stage performing live and not from my TV I was reminded of his tenacious unapologetic character. In life he didn’t ask anyone for permission to be HIM he just did it with no regrets.

Now that I sit and think about it, I can recall why at a young age I was so drawn to him, to his music and to his creativity. Prince was the epitome of being unapologetically himself.

My quest to become unapologetically myself started a few years back.

But to be honest when I truly assess it, it took me thirty-something years on earth, eight years in a new city, a few dead end jobs and relationships… meeting some pretty dope friends as well as losing some along the way… reuniting with my love of writing and going through a ton of life experiences to finally get here… to this moment where I can say that I am truly unapologetically me.

The journey here consisted of a few bumpy roads… some minor and major setbacks… Then as if on cue, life creatively sucker punched me in the gut and threw a monkey wrench in my original plans. Yet that life altering moment helped to navigate me on the right path.

There were times that I wanted to throw in the towel. When I felt like all the cards were stacked against me, it took everything in me to not give up… to not quit… Simply knowing that if I did they’d win – the naysayers that is. That’s what fueled my motivation… my passion… That’s what forced me into overdrive and equipped me with the determination to put my big girl panties on and face my obstacles head on. I would and could not be DEFEATED! Nor would I apologize in the process.

Too often we find ourselves apologizing for who we were are… who we were designed to be. Ultimately making us out to be imposters and frauds. But not knowingly…

I didn’t want to become one of these people.

I am not one of these people!

Ralph Waldo Emerson a mid 19th century essayist and poet once said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

Unapologetically You Quote

I believe this to be true. Some may attempt to call it stubbornness and I affectionately respond, “I am a rebel. I stand outside of the box rather than in it because I refuse to conform to the status quo. I will fight for what I truly believe in til the end. And NO I will not apologize for being unapologetically me.”

What does being unapologetically mean?

It’s about being completely honest with yourself. Be willing to stand up for yourself and others confidently. Being still and listening. Being able to speak boldly when it’s your turn to speak. Not allowing your past no matter how good or bad the experiences were to define you or hold you prisoner.

Being unapologetically you means that you are forever growing and evolving.

I am forever growing and evolving! 

If and when you find yourself on this path NEVER apologize for being unapologetically YOU!

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